YEWANDE NIGERIA UBS DVD PICU BETTER Sing!” is now GLOBAL! Thank you,Yewande Austin, founder of “Change Rocks Foundation” www.changerocksfoundation.com for distributing our donated software, U BETTER Sing! trading cards and music theory cards to our children in Nigeria!! We are empowering youth through music one note at a time! Here is a message from Yewande Austin: U BETTER SING WITH NIGERIAN CHILDREN

“Greetings from Nigeria! I thought you’d be happy to know that I distributed the rest of your “U Better Sing!” product donations to the organization that I’m working with to support Boko Haram conflict survivors today! I’m certain that it will bring a lot of joy to children that have had to leave everything they’ve ever known behind. Thanks for supporting our “Change Rocks Foundation” work *:) happy!


Our first DVD introduces how to sight sing in the key of C major. The pilot episode focuses on Do, Mi, and So, and episode 2 introduces Re, Fa, and La with a review of Do, Mi and So. The music is so fun and catchy, it will have everyone in your classroom or household singing, “I like to sight sing…I like to audiate!”

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Auditions for the UBS Vocal Ensemble take place year round.  Write to Kelley at kelley@ubettersing.org to set up an audition or call at 512-825-7281 for audition details. Auditions are scheduled person by person.